Need some meal inspiration? Check out next week's menu plan!

Here it is! Our upcoming weekly menu!
I have been struggling with lunch ideas, so I told myself that I would start to include lunches in my menu plan! 

I have had some questions about how I plan my weekly menu and where I get my ideas from.
Its really quite simple and just takes a little bit of organization! 

I start by looking through the upcoming grocery flyers to see what food items will be on sale for the following week. I am usually inspired by whatever meat and produce is on sale, because lets be real- meat, fruits & veggies can be quite expensive! I make a list of what is on sale and I make a list of ingredients that I have available in my pantry. I then use that list and brainstorm meal ideas! I am a HUGE fan on pinterest and get a lot my meal inspiration from that. I also love visiting the library and borrowing cookbooks. I have a huge list of meals that I want to try in the future, and every week I try to add something new to our menu. I think it is really important for Lillian to be able to explore a wide range of tastes, textures, smells and colours when it comes to food and this inspires me to get creative with cooking! 

Dinner - Pulled Pork Sandwiches with homemade coleslaw

Breakfast- toast with peanut butter & raspberry chia jam
Lunch- cheese quesadillas 
Dinner- caramelized onion, sausage & apple stuffed acorn squash

Breakfast- pumpkin spice pancakes (leftover, from the freezer!) 
Lunch- egg salad sandwiches 
Dinner- pulled pork chilli with homemade dinner rolls 

Breakfast- blueberry lemon coconut overnight oats
Lunch- mango & black bean quinoa salad
Dinner- mini omelette muffins with sweet potato hash browns

Breakfast- breakfast burritos & fresh fruit
Lunch- mango & black bean quinoa salad 
Dinner- crock pot balsamic glazed roast beef with corn on the cob & homemade dinner rolls

Breakfast- spinach, banana & raspberry muffins with cottage cheese & fresh fruit
Lunch- cheese & crackers and veggies & hummus
Dinner- taco salad

Breakfast- peach cobbler overnight oats
Lunch- PB & jam roll ups 
Dinner- steak stir fry with basmati rice 


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