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Back in October my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little girl, Lillian, into the world! I knew from the day we met her that we had so much to look forward to! I was always very eager and excited to start Lillian on her journey with solids. We knew we wanted to wait until she was 6 months old before giving her her first taste of food, but quite honestly we had no idea where to begin! As soon as I saw a photo of our friend's daughter eating ribs at 7 months, I knew baby led weaning was the route we wanted to take! 

In April, our family started out on a new adventure- a baby led weaning adventure! I created an Instagram account to document Lillian's meals. I didn't think many people would be interested in following! Who wants to look at pictures of meals prepared for a baby!? Apparently a lot of people do, as we hit 1000 followers last week! The blw community is amazing, positive, supportive & encouraging!

Everyday I receive questions about blw, recipes, meal ideas and meal prep. I decided I would start a blog to document our blw journey! I will share tips, recipes, meal ideas & menu plans (and probably a few pictures of Lillian & our dog Duncan)! I hope I can inspire you to eat healthy, have fun with food & enjoy mealtime together as a family!

Thank you so much for your support & for following our blw journey!

Jen & Lillian 


  1. Hi Jen,
    thank you very much for your great blog! I just read a lot of your posts and I am very inspired. My baby girl just turned 6 months last Friday and we are struggling with introducing solids. I did exclusively breast feed for the first three months but had to supplement with formula then. We decided to go with the Dutch Hipp formula because we want to provide her with healthy and organic nutrition. She likes the formula a lot and is still very sceptical with new tastes and solids. I now tried out to mix the formula with different kind of meals in front of her. What works kind of well. On your blog I did find a lot of great recipes and I think she might love some of them and I hope I'll get her to eat solids eventually without a struggle ;)
    Sending you a lot of love,

  2. This looks great!  I will prepare it for my children........Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi, Thank you very much for your attractive blog site. Looking very nice picture.


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