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Back in October my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little girl, Lillian, into the world! I knew from the day we met her that we had so much to look forward to! I was always very eager and excited to start Lillian on her journey with solids. We knew we wanted to wait until she was 6 months old before giving her her first taste of food, but quite honestly we had no idea where to begin! As soon as I saw a photo of our friend's daughter eating ribs at 7 months, I knew baby led weaning was the route we wanted to take! 
In April, our family started out on a new adventure- a baby led weaning adventure! I created an Instagram account to document Lillian's meals. I didn't think many people would be interested in following! Who wants to look at pictures of meals prepared for a baby!? Apparently a lot of people do, as we hit 1000 followers last week! The blw community is amazing, positive, supportive & encouraging!

Everyday I receive questions about blw, recipes, meal ideas…

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